Stud Services

We do offer breeding services with Nigerian Dwarf, LaMancha, and Nubian bucks. However, for the safety of our herd as well as yours, we do require that your doe meet the following requirements:

1) You must have proof your doe tested negative for CAE and Johne's disease within the past year.

2) She must not be exhibiting signs of any contagious disease or illness.

3) Your doe must be large enough that I feel she should be able to deliver a baby.

I do not have the facilities to pen-breed does, so you must be to locate your doe's heat. At that time, you'll bring her here to be bred. Typically it takes about 30-45 minutes to have the doe covered, and you'll bring her back home with you.


$100 - Includes full ADGA service memo, which will allow all kids born from the breeding to be registered.

$50 - Without service memo, no kids can be registered from the breeding.


In the event that your doe does not take on the first breeding, she can be re-bred at no additional charge. If your doe does not settle within 2-3 breedings, it is recommended that you evaluate her health and nutrition with the aid of an experienced breeder and/or your veterinarian.