Sales Policy and Health Guarantee 


We recommend (though we do not require) that you purchase goats as pairs. You must own at least one other goat to purchase a single goat from our farm. 

We will not sell a doe in milk to an inexperienced first-time goat owner unless the doe has a wether or doe kid sold with her. 

Registration papers or application for the American Dairy Goat Association will accompany all breeding stock. It is the responsibility of the buyer to submit the application and.or have the papers transferred to their name.

We require a $100 deposit per goat to hold the goat(s) of your choice. Once you make your choice of goat(s), deposits can be made via PayPal, check, or cash. Deposits must be received by us within one week, or the goat will be made available again. Deposits are refundable ONLY if we refuse the sale, which may be for any reason. Goat(s) must be paid for in full before they leave the farm. Any payments made at pickup must be paid in cash.

Once a sale is agreed upon, you will have 2 weeks to pick up your goat unless an alternate agreement has been made. If not picked up within that 2 weeks, you will be charged $3/day boarding fees. 

We retain the right to refuse a sale for any reason, with or without full explanation to the buyer. 

There will be NO CASH REFUNDS. If a goat sold as breeding stock proves to be genetically unable to be bred, the buyer must provide us with a signed veterinary report stating the reason for sterility. At that point, the buyer will receive either a replacement goat of equal value or the original purchase price will be credited to the buyer for future purchase(s), to be determined by us. 

We can arrange to transport goats to any shows we attend (contact us for an up-to-date list). Though we prefer that you pick up your goats directly from our farm, I travel frequently and will be willing to meet in various locations. Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Allendale, Carson City, Grant, or a similar distance from my house. 


Goats can be difficult animals to raise and care for. While we offer support to all our buyers and welcome questions, we recommend that you thoroughly research goat care BEFORE purchasing your goats.

We raise our goats holistically, completely without chemicals, vaccinations, medications, or conventional feeds. It is very difficult on the goats to switch from being naturally-raised to being cared for conventionally (or vice versa). IF YOU ARE A FIRST-TIME GOAT OWNER AND PLAN TO RAISE YOUR GOATS CONVENTIONALLY, PLEASE KNOW THAT IT IS A DIFFICULT TRANSITION FOR THEM.

We guarantee to inform the buyer of any known health issues or concerns in the goat(s) at or before the time of purchase. Once the goat(s) leave our farm, we make no further guarantees concerning their health. It is the responsibility of the buyer to examine the goat(s) before purchase, and address any concerns BEFORE purchase. 

We guarantee our goats test negative of CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) and Johne's Disease at the time of purchase. We test our herd yearly, and would be happy to re-test or test for additional diseases at the buyer's expense.