Meet our Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Welcome to our Nigerian Dwarf buck page! Since the bucks have a great influence in the herd, we strive to work with top-quality boys. They should not only throw the traits we look for in our does, but also have consistency and cross well with our farm's doe lines. 


September 29, 2015

LA Score: ++V 82 (at 3 years)

Show Wins: N/A


Sire: Kyeema Ridge Renny (Kyeema Ridge PT Errol Flynn x Kyeema Ridge KB Elle Esse VEEE 91)

Dam: Crane View Cleopatra VVVE 87 (Wildwind Farm R Junkyard Dog x GCH MI SugarCreek ST Wilma 1*M/4*D)

Photo of Frankie as a yearling summer 2016

Frankie is maturing really nicely! His dam has a very correct, captious, and soft mammary with excellent attachments. He seems to be passing that along, which is what I was hoping to get out of him! 


January 17, 2016

LA Score: N/A

Show Wins: N/A


Sire: Meg's Mini Bolivar (Rhythmic Acres Beethoven VVV 87 x Crane View Lotus Blossom VEEE 90)

Dam: Crane View Zelda VEEE 90 (Irish Whisper Raising Willson x GCH MI SugarCreek ST Wilma 1*M/4*D)

Photo of Rochester as a kid summer 2016

Rochester has the qualities I want in a buck! He has an excellent topline and rump, length and width everywhere, his shoulder assembly is very solid, his dam is almost 10 years strong, and still producing very well, and he is just an all around great boy! Love what he brings to the herd. Unfortunately I'm running out of girls to breed him to, because I keep a lot of that line. That's why he's for sale. I will keep breeding him where I can while he's here. 


May 1,2016

LA Score:

Show Wins:


Sire: CH Kyeema Ridge Gunsmoke EEE 89 (Buttin' Heads Martinique +B AR EEE 90 x Kyeema Ridge BD Hasty-Leigh VEEE 90)

Dam: Kyeema Ridge MS Desi-Belle VVEE 90 (AGS Tiny Angels Moon Shadow x SG Rosasharn KB Pepper Corn 5*M AR EEEV 90)

No Photo yet

Thank you Dan and Glennys for this pretty boy! I'm hoping he blends nicely with our herd, and passes along the nice length, and long flat rump! He is very dairy!


February 17, 2017

LA Score: +AV 80 (at a year)

Show Wins: N/A


Sire: Kids N Kritters Dowagiac (Caplon Kidz Flynn VV+ 86 x Meg's Mini Black Orchid VVEE 89)

Dam: Kids N Kritters Calendula V+V+ 84 (Meg's Mini Bolivar  x Crane View Zelda VEEE 90)

Photo of Fezzick as a kid summer 2017

Fezzick is a handsome young boy!! I bred him to quite a few does last year, and everyone looked great! He worked well with several different lines, and added width, and dairiness. Can't wait to see the udders he puts on them!


Feburary 19, 2018

LA Score:

Show Wins:


Sire: Rhythmic Acres Hiphop Kid Rock ++V 84 (MI Sugar Creek WM You Bet *B x SG AGS Maple Ridge Melody VEEV 89)

Dam: Kids N Kritters Calendula VEEV 87 (Meg's Mini Bolivar VEE 87 x Crane View Zelda VEEE 90)

Photo of Fermato fall of 2018

Fermato is a really handsome little dude! He shows a lot of potential with a really nice topline and rump, width through out, and a dam's udder that is all about performance and style! He is however related to quite a few of my does, so he is up for sale as well. I did breed him to a few this year, and hopefully he gives me some pretty does!


April 21, 2018

LA Score:

Show Wins: 


Sire: Phoenix Farm Take A Chance V++ 84 *B (Algedi Farm NH Zen Moon +*B ST x SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird 4*M EEEE 91)

Dam: Fairland Farm AR Hot Salsa VV+V 85 (Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum +*B AR AVV 81 x CH Kaapio Acres HH Quesadilla VEEE 90)

Photo of Juan fall of 2018

Thank you Dawn and Regan for this little cutie! Juan has a very nice start! I will see how he works with a few of my does this Spring! I did end up with a few too many bucks however, so I'm offering this guy up for sale.